Unique designs. Lovingly curated. Global influences.

If Design Explorers
If Design Explorers ...you’d like a refined design partner to work with you throughout your project

..spend the time to really get to know your style, preferences and brand.. you’re in great company with us.
If Design Explorers I’m Anna La Barbera an interior designer and serial design explorer of beautiful design options from around the world.

With an Italian father and a Finnish mother, the name if is a gentle nod to the stylish cultures of my background and the grand world of possibilities that exist for every space.
If Design Explorers
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If Design Explorers

...creates spaces that make you feel the way you want to, rather than just looking beautiful.

...delivers unique, functional, internationally influenced and highly tailored spaces to suit individual needs and styles.

...works collaboratively in a trusted partnership to share the process of transforming spaces.

...each project is a clean slate. No templates.

...every recommendation is thoroughly explored, considered and developed to meet every requirement.